The intuitive site-responsive quality of my work explores the physical manifestation of the ephemeral through sculpture and installation. While meditatively engaged with the material’s interaction with the site, I use symbolic remnants of my personal history, such as fabric, yarn, thread, chicken wire, plastic tarps, and paint to investigate themes of duality and chaos in nature. Although my materials reference identity through topics of industry, labor, family, and cultural heritage, I aim to deconstruct or dissolve my identity into the larger landscape of the natural world. Interested in the idea of a universal consciousness, the work becomes evidence of a collective collaboration between the materials, the space, and the universe as a whole. My layering of new and repurposed materials, allows me to reactivate previous work and provides a sense of cohabitation between the worn and pristine. Infatuated with color, materiality, and mindfulness, I intend to create a playful union between grunge and whimsy, where process is not only evident, but celebrated.